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Next Club Event is the Model Railroading Days
August 8 – 11

There is still an opportunity to acquire a 2017 Convention Car

Go to the link below


Since 2002
Ron Borsella — Toy Trains Unlimited
Hanover, PA
PH: 717-637-4717

2017 NASG Convention Car

The 2017 Convention cars are one of a kind. There were only so many made and there will not be another run. If you would like to have this unique car or the special trailer, you can still purchase a car in either Hi-Rail or Scale or one of the trailers.  The B&O 2017 Hi-Rail cars are sold out but there are some B&O 2017 Scale cars left. However, there are plenty of the B&O 9523… Read more

Our Mission

1) To Have Fun!
2) Camaraderie and a shared interest in American Flyer and other S gauge trains.
3) Co-Operative effort to continually improve and operate our modular layout.
4) Display modular layout to increase public awareness and interest in American Flyer trains.